About Us

At 17 years of age, Victor M. Perez discovered his passion for artisanal woodworks in his native country of Spain. With absolute dedication, Victor developed his skills in the creation of unique pieces of art, all hand-made from wood.
The combination of his knowledge, talent and skills developed in him an entrepreneurial spirit, which led to his establishing of a high-end wood shop in Costa Rica, serving the most elite clientele. While in Costa Rica he learned about exotic woods which he introduced into his woodworks.
When opportunity knocked on his door at age 28, Victor moved to West Palm Beach, Florida. He has served South Florida for the past twenty years as cabinet maker, foreman and partner. Over the years, he has gained the reputation of a true master artisan.
Today, Victor is proud to be a partner in Palm Beach Custom Woodworks, The Old World Artisan. With his contractor’s certification, his experience and his European touch, Victor creates the most beautiful work for his respected customers.


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